1. Puds!

  2. Writings on the wall. UP-MWSS footbridge. #graffiti #streetart

  3. Blurred Candids

    Using slow shutter speeds to my advantage hehe.

  4. Sunrise through dew drops on window pane.

  5. Back from a month-long vacation in Canada. (Just the X10, not me.)

  6. Persistence pays off. #chasingmaya

    Tagged #chasingmaya

  7. Only my second time to shoot boudoir. Of course, boudoir photography has a particularly rich B&W heritage, hence my willingness to do this shoot despite my usual aversion to fashion/glamour/beauty shoots and the requisite tedium in editing that it entails (plus it was a favor for a friend hehe).

    In color, below:

    Now to get back to shooting ordinary folk.  :)

    (Model: Jeamie Salvatierra; Make-up by Ann Garcia)

  8. Leaves

    Shot using 50mm f1.4 SMC Takumar. This old piece of glass has a distinctive look to its images, especially with its color rendition. I love using it more than the FA 50mm. No one makes lenses like this anymore. Well except for Zeiss, which was the optics that the Takumars were made to compete with during the 50’s and 60’s. Just goes to show how good these old Taks are.

  9. Atty. Katrina Legarda

    (Shot for The Red Chronicles)

  10. Boat. Hamilo coast. Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas.